Good news!  After last week’s false-acceptance of my story, The Expectation of Another Day, I pulled up my big-girl trousers and sent the story out again.  This time, I targeted journals with good reputations – those that have been around for a while and have a history of winning, or receiving “special mention” from, the Pushcart Prize.  (A very loud shout-out to Clifford Garstang for his hard work creating a list about this – thanks, Clifford!)

On a whim, I also sent the story to Bartleby Snopes, even though they’ve rejected my work in the past.  And, miracle of miracles, within 24 hours I had received the following:

Thank you very much for submitting your work to Bartleby Snopes. We really enjoyed The Expectation of Another Day and would like to publish it during the month of January.

I am astonished and thrilled to have The Expectation of Another Day included in Bartleby Snopes’s January 2015 Issue!  While I was pleased with the first journal’s acceptance – before I discovered it was actually a rejection, of course – I am over-the-moon excited about this one, because it is from a journal I admire greatly.  So in addition to the lovely perk of publication, this experience has strengthened my resolve to aim for journals with long-standing reputations for quality.  While such journals are harder to get into, for me they’re worth aiming for:  it feels absolutely amazing to be accepted by a journal I truly respect!


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